"Muy bien situado, frente al Centre Born Cultural, el Guzzo es un restaurante que a su oferta gastronómica suma toques de arte urbano, decoración cosmopolita y una atmósfera cómplice que invita a alargar mucho las veladas." www.gastronosfera.com


"Very well located, opposite the Centre Born Cultural, the Guzzo is a restaurant that adds to its gastronomic offer touches of urban art, cosmopolitan decoration and an accomplice atmosphere that invites to lengthen the evenings." BCN Cool Hunter

Of Mediterranean roots with inspirations from the world. Guzzo’s kitchen offers a series of 100% home-made tapas and dishes, with seasonal and local products. From the sauces to the presentation in the dishes, everything is prepared in our kitchen. Barceloneta fish, organic meats, natural cheeses from the Pyrenees… a variety of options that reflect the Guzzo universe itself: influences from various places, mix of flavours, colours and a lot of Groove.

Besides cooking, culture, art and mainly music are the elements that move the Guzzo. With a diverse program, you can enjoy from a Vermouth with daylight while playing a ´roda samba´ live; the classic Jam Session on Tuesdays; DJ sessions every day; to live painting’s on the walls of the premises or artistic presentations such as the Poetic Brothel. Always accompanied by a delicious signature cocktail or special homemade lemonade, Guzzo is a space to enjoy with friends, couples or family.

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What they say about us

Sometimes it works: music and dinner
Invited by some friends, well, just a little friends, I went to dinner at this restaurant that mixes live entertainment with dinners and drinks. Actually, I had some apprehension because unfortunately, in the Born there is a lot of "fake" and I was afraid to go to another tourist.
I was wrong. The place is a bit eclectic, mixing decoration from another era with modern lines. The tables reminded me of those bars from the seventies where I went with my family on Sundays to make an aperitif. Illumination is justified, of course.
The gastronomic recital was initiated by a grilled avocado with quinoa salad. Quinoa is one of those super-foods that don't taste like anything but here it tasted like glory, great, followed by yucca with coloured guacamoles, Barceloneta mussels, salmon tataki (perfect), sirloin and for me, the star, an excellent sausage and octopus rice, served in "llauna", hard grains, to be eaten directly with the fork.
To tell you the truth, I enjoyed it a lot.
Then, drinks. One (well, two) mojitos very well prepared to the sound, in the background, of a jam-session. I returned by taxi.
A very recommendable experience.

Joaquín RGoogle Local Guide

A place with an elegant, modern and mystical touch. It has its own style and wherever you look there is something curious to observe.
Good attention.
Adequate quality-price food.

Carlos MarquezCliente satisfecho

Good food and musical vermouths are special.

Pablito PneumaticoSatisfied customer

I love cocktails and the tuna tartar with wild rice is a delight!

newtellaz musicSatisfied customer

A musical oasis in the middle of the crowded Borne district.

Amaranta Nera LIVESatisfied Customer